Tradition, quality and the commitment to excellence.

Since we started making fuet and other sausages in a small workshop in the mid-20th century, we have always worked to maintain a balance between tradition and innovation. Thanks to this tandem, today we can offer you the products that best suit your needs, with the usual flavor and quality.

We are committed to quality, understood as the excellence of the product in terms of taste, texture, and properties, but also as a way of being. For this reason, all our products have the AENOR Conform Animal Welfare certification, which guarantees respectful animal husbandry. In addition, our R&D department works on the development of new products and new presentations that adapt at all times to consumer habits, without forgetting our commitment to society and the planet. For this reason, we study the most sustainable packaging options, prioritizing those that are recyclable.

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Marchetti Fine Foods
248 Mahoneys Road, Thomastown, VIC 3074
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