Vecchiet Smallgoods

Flavours inspired by our home Italy.

Vecchiet Smallgoods offers an exquisite range of old-style Italian salami. Made using selected cuts from specially fed pigs and flavoured using traditional spices from the Friuli Italian region, this exclusive Australian-made range has been mastered over two generations and is recognised by its distinctive signature casings.

Vecchiet Smallgoods is a family run business in Northern New South Wales, producing traditional Italian smallgoods for 47 years. They strive to focus and follow on with our family recipes. Each Salame has its own individual flavours and tastes. Each has its own variation of herbs and spices, some have different grinds which when cured it produces a totally different unique flavour for each. All done the traditional way as taught from one generation to another. All Salame and Dry Cured products are NOT heat treated they are fermented meats.

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Marchetti Fine Foods
248 Mahoneys Road, Thomastown, VIC 3074
T: (03) 9383 1496

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