Quality from the field to the consumer.

We love to sweeten your day with the most delicious jams, syrups and dessert sauces. That is why we pay attention to the highest quality and absolute freshness with all ingredients. Regionality is also important to us – the majority of our strawberries, for example, come from Germany. Whether chunky or fine-creamy spreads, there is something for every jam fan. All products have one thing in common: the intensely fruity taste.

We don’t just focus on our own manufacturing processes but on the entire supply chain. We place strict requirements on our suppliers, rely more and more on sustainably produced raw materials and obtain our ingredients as close to production as possible.

We do not make any compromises when it comes to food safety because we pursue our mission of “Really well done” in the long term in order to generate sustainable growth.

Try our variety of products and find your favourite!

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Marchetti Fine Foods
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